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Our Values

What’s in our name?

When Abalone was created in 1983, times were tough. The stressed nature of the economy made starting a business a risky venture. The Chalupas knew that it would take a miracle to pull it off. Being of faith, Maxine told Terry that only God could help them in this situation.

Maxine and Terry were inspired by the word ABBA, derived from the common Hebrew word, hebrew-ab (ab), meaning ‘father’, and used it to help create the company’s name.

The duo also felt very strongly about starting a company without partners because this would allow them to grow it according to their own standards. They wrote down ‘ALONE’ as the next piece of the name, to represent their independence.

The name was almost complete. ABBAALONE. A company started alone with the help of God. After a few cosmetic adjustments, ABALONE was born.

The meaning behind our logo

Abalone was founded and built on faith. The Christian symbol of a ram is used to represent that. By definition, the ram is a symbol of Christ—the herd leader. In a general sense, the ram is used as a symbol for strength.

Words we live by:

“Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly. Whatever it takes. No Explanation, No Excuses.”

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