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Industrial Civil Works

Abalone understands that working within a plant or mine site requires a high degree of experience and competence. On all projects, we ensure the right balance of safety and production is achieved for our clients.

Industrial Civil Works Services

  • Site earthworks
  • Firewater systems
  • HDPE Piping
  • Geosynthetic Containment Systems
  • Tank pads and berms
  • Storage ponds and drainage networks
  • Roads and approaches
  • Foundations
  • Site maintenance

Infrastructure & Land Development

Abalone is equipped to take on infrastructure and land development projects for both public and private owners. On any job, at any size, our people have the experience to successfully develop and construct our clients’ sites.

Infrastructure & Land Development Services

  • Site clearing, grubbing, stripping and grading
  • Collection and distribution supply utilities
  • Lot grading and servicing
  • Storm Water Management Facilities
  • Roads and approaches
  • Foundations

Municipal Services

Abalone has worked with many municipal and county bodies throughout Alberta. Each job is different and presents its own challenges—and that’s where we excel. We’re proud of the work we do for Alberta’s communities.

Municipal Services

  • Rehabilitation
  • Curb and gutter removal
  • Sidewalk and road base preparation
  • Utilities
  • Slide repairs and bank stabilization
  • Bridge culverts & MSE walls
  • Landscaping
  • Snow removal
  • Emergency service
  • Equipment rentals

River & In-Stream Construction

Having successfully completed projects that required construction within or next to a water body, Abalone has the proven experience to safely and efficiently complete contracts with high degrees of environmental sensitivity.

River & In-Stream Construction

  • Intake and Outfall Systems
  • Temporary Water Diversion and Barrier Systems
  • Bank stabilization and reclamation
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Fish salvage

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