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Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is a core consideration in everything we do. It will always be integral to all our business activities. Wherever we operate, we will make sure we’re doing everything we can to protect our natural surroundings. The commitment and participation of all stakeholders is required to promote the success of our Environmental Protection Program.

In order to achieve the highest standards of environmental protection, Abalone’s policy states that we will:

  • Comply with all legislated standards and regulations.
  • Provide resources and training to ensure awareness of environmental responsibility.
  • Identify all hazardous materials or situations, and provide controls to minimize risks to health or environment.
  • Report all spills and environmental impacts to senior management and to regulatory authorities.
  • Develop an environmental protection plan for any new project or task.

Based on our Environmental Protection Program, we strive to:

  • Stay current on government regulations—and meet or exceed them.
  • Ensure we have environmentally safe offices and shop work spaces.
  • Use non-polluting materials wherever possible.
  • Keep our vehicle fleet in top condition to minimize harmful exhaust gases.
  • Control and minimize the exposure to toxic substances and reduce toxic waste at the source.
  • Follow the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
  • Monitor compliance with government regulations and shop wastage.

Environmental Awards

Over the years, we have completed many projects with the highest regard for the environment. This consideration and care shows through not only in our work, but also in the recognition we receive. Our environmental awards were won because of our dedication to conservation and keeping spaces safe for wildlife, vegetation and those living in the surrounding communities.

Conservation and biodiversity and/or stakeholder relationships
Project: Whitemud Creek/30 Avenue, Erosion Controls

Abalone Construction Services, Inc. was hired by the City of Edmonton to start work on the 2006 Erosion Controls project. The purpose of this project was to restore the area by repairing the immense devastation caused by the 2004 floods. The water eroded the banks of the Whitemud Creek and compromised the integrity of a nearby footbridge.

The more pressing concern, however, was the imminent danger the scattered debris posed on the previous natural safe passage for the inhabiting fish. After studying a detailed ECO plan and examining DFO and Navigable Water permitting requirements, the fish salvage operation began. Abalone Construction fabricated special fish traps that ensured the confinement of the fish detained on site, while still ensuring their safety. The fish were then transported downstream to an area that was not in a state of jeopardy.