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At Abalone, we work on some of the most exciting projects in Alberta and we approach each project as a team! If you want to be part of a job well done and an outstanding safety culture we want to hear from you today.

At Abalone, compensation isn’t just a paycheck. We pride ourselves in offering some of the best benefits in the industry. We offer a competitive salary, attractive medical and dental plans and Learning & Development opportunities. Investing in our people is integral. At Abalone, you’ll learn new skills, gain experiences and work alongside some of the best in the business..


We work and play in the community and it’s important to give back. Abalone prides itself on its respect for the surrounding communities and its involvement. Whether it be athletic sponsorships, volunteering our time or going that extra mile on the job, we make sure the community knows we’re there for them.

Employee Testimonials

We’re part of some of the most exiting civil projects in Alberta and we do it on a large scale. What’s it like to work at Abalone? Take our word for it!

I started working at Abalone as a dozer operator. I put my time in and they worked with me through the ranks; Foreman, General Foreman and now Superintendent. My favourite thing about Abalone is they understand the value and importance of family...no matter how big or valuable the job I’m on is, they always understand family’s first. They’ve always treated me good. 
Robert Morgan
Superintendent 13 years of service
What attracted me to Abalone was the opportunity to work in an environment with people who are committed to excellence, supportive, honest and carry a great sense of humor. Abalone pays their employees a competitive wage, they’re flexible with employees work schedules, provides great mentorship and career growth.
Mark Biggin, E.I.T
Project Coordinator 3 years of service
I decided to work with Abalone when I graduated because Abalone was (and still is) a rapidly growing company with ambition. I felt there was room for me to grow. Abalone also offered me great compensation, and a company truck. I stayed because of Abalone’s willingness to train me, and help me grow as a young and relatively inexperienced graduate. I always feel that they are investing in my future. Another reason I continue to stay is I enjoy my co-workers, and I feel we all work well together as a team.
Joe Pyper
Project Manager 5 Years of service
I decided to work at the company because it seemed like it would offer me more growth in my career than any other of my options. Due to its mom & pop nature I would be exposed to more than I would have been at any major firm as each position would encompass more responsibilities.
Kyle Baldwin
Project Manager, 7 years
For all those places I have worked, Abalone is the best one! I can always get the support I needed. The environment is so friendly, positive, and professional. The management trust you to do a good job and provide the freedom and support to achieve that. It is the management makes Abalone better place to work.
May Yang
Payroll Administration 1 year of service
The reason I chose to work for abalone was to join a company that I see has an incredible chance at growth in the earthworks industry and I have chosen to stay due to the fact that with great leadership we have in fact made huge leaps in that development in the time I have been here and I very much look forward to the future because I don’t see this trend stopping the sky is the limit on our growth.
Shane Leggo
Foreman, 3 years of service
Abalone is a great company for employment. They believe in their people and culture. It is a great place to work, fun and intense atmosphere. This company has a great small, close family feel
Laurier Goudreau
Accounting Supervisor 7 years

Interested in a Career With Us?

View all of our available opportunities.