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Our Team

We take pride in our building capabilities—including building the best team possible to keep our operations and equipment running smoothly. We have over 400 members on our team, and all of them are integral to Abalone’s success—from new recruits to those with 40 years in the industry. We achieve positive results because our people are the best in the business. Our commitment to quality shows on every project. It’s not rocket science. Our recipe for success is simple—honesty, dedication and a team of enthusiastic and hardworking individuals.

  • Terry Chalupa, GSC


    Abalone’s founder and CEO, Terry Chalupa, has been in the construction industry for over 40 years. Each passing decade has given him the confidence and expertise to lead Abalone with foresight and a greater understanding of all factors at play in the industry.

  • Randy Chalupa


    Randy has climbed the Abalone ladder—going from an entry-level position to being named president in 2014. Randy is ambitious, and has always pushed for more responsibilities by filling roles such as superintendent, estimator, project manager, operations manager and vice president. It’s exactly this sort of drive that has given him access to a wide variety of interesting and complex projects.

  • Trevor Dolter, C.E.T., GSC

    Vice President

    Trevor Dolter’s knowledge and expertise have helped Abalone become the company it is today. Since joining the team, he has taken on many challenges. As the company grew, the need to fill the positions of foreman, estimator, superintendent, project manager and senior project manager was presented. Trevor happily stepped up to the plate for each of them. He has been integral to our success, and continues to position Abalone as a leader in the construction industry.

  • Doug Goertz

    Controller and Office Manager

    Doug entered the construction industry more than 40 years ago as a tradesman in the pipe trades. In 1996, Doug joined Abalone as the controller and office manager—and hasn’t looked back since. He loves a good challenge, always pushing himself and the team to go beyond expectations.

  • Chris Dobson

    Equipment Maintenance Manager

    Chris Dobson prides himself on being the initial point of contact for all clients and employees regarding equipment and service inquiries.Chris has worn many hats throughout his career, starting in the industry first as a mechanic then lead hand, estimator and supervisor. He uses his diverse experience to keep Abalone’s 250 pieces of equipment running smoothly.

  • Adam

    Operations Manager

    Bio Coming Soon.